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Digital Info Management Challenge


Field personnel is on the road all over the world in different projects with different components. For preparation, field employees have to find all relevant information in a, to be specified, knowledge database as fast as possible to do their work as fast as possible. Currently the different relevant documents are stored in untraceable folder structures.


  • The main topic at this challenge is to improve the search possibilities for our employees. We have information in more than 30 different format files (pdf, doc, xls, etc.). These files have no tags or meta data about their content included.
  • This leads to long searching times, to find the correct documents or data for individual components; furthermore, individual colleagues have no access to the current data pool (based on files on a network drive).
  • Based on our available tools it is currently not possible to classify or structure the file contents.
  • An intelligent search possibility regarding file name, folder tree and content of the file is currently not available.
  • A – preferably semiautomated – classification after reviewing the document is requested.


Software; Mobile App; Process; Analysis; Smart Search, Search Engine; Documents

Challenge Owner

Siemens Energy is focused on helping customers navigate the world’s most pressing energy problems, both for today and tomorrow. Essential applications include providing products, solutions and services that make fossil energy greener; delivering decentralized, flexible power solutions; managing the complexities of the grid; improving and de-risking aging assets; and connecting supply and demand through storage technologies such as grid-scale batteries and Power-to-X technologies.

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