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Manufacturing Image Processing


As the result of this challenge we want an application to be realized, that analyzes a video image stream of an existing camera next to the cutting insert of a horizontal turning lathe. The insert including the cutting process itself is captured from above, close to the tool. The processing software should run on a Raspberry Pi device or similar. Input of the device will be the stream itself. The expected output of the device is a single signal on each cutting tool insert change and a repeating signal for the current chipping shape. The signal is sent to a server via MQTT protocol.


  • Documenting cutting insert changes on heavy machining is so far a manual process and suffers on time accuracy.
  • Defining the chipping shape (flow chip, discontinuous chip, etc.) is a manual process as well, and based on subjective clustering.
  • The actual chipping shapes of the process are not documented yet.


Software; Video Stream / Image Processing; On Premises; RaspberryPi; Tool Change Identification, MQTT

Challenge Owner

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